Bosch AXT 25 TC

The “Bosch AXT 25 TC” shredder supposedly is “extremely fast” and deals with branch diameters up to 45mm. So much for the advertising claims.


Here the flaws that I encountered during my first year of using this toy:

  • Maybe the tool is “extremely fast” if compared to a sloth. In fact it takes ages to process branches through the small input opening.. it is anything but fast.
  • The tool is of such poor build quality that it actually started self-destructing the metal casing of the “turbine” (see photo above: a large metal section has actually broken off – this happened while shredding normal branches well within the specified range!)
  • The “child-proof lock” of the tool malfunctioned after a couple of weeks and the whole scredder had to be sent in to repair the electronics. Luckily this was still on warranty. Next time this happends Bosch will likely sell me the tiny replacement circuit board for 80 Euros apiece. (At least this incident gave me the “opportunity” to have a look at the steep prices Bosch asks for the various spare parts.)
  • It took not long for both of the wheels to fall off. Each is normally held in place by a cheap plastic bolt – which breaks in no time..
  • In any case the wheels are pretty useless in most circumstances: The wheelbase is much to narrow and the center of gravity much to high so that the scredder will invariably tilt over whenever you try to move it – even on flat terrain.

The scredder is sold around 500 Euros. It isn’t worth the money, not at all.


Update 2018: So it happend again.. the previous day it had still functioned.. next day the Bosch shredder was “dead”. When trying to repair it myself this time, the root cause was quickly found: One of the “child-proof switches” (which checks if the feed hopper is actually screwed on) was barely recognizable as a switch – it had completely disintegrated/melted. As soon as I shorted the repective wire and cleaned the PCB (see below) the shredder worked again. Since I had already opened the device I decided to keep going to also sharpen the dull blades. Here the additional findings about this piece of junk that Bosch calls a shredder:

  • It is a major pain in the ass to disassemble this piece of junk. One problem is the removal of the plastic cover (to access the motor, etc): There is one pin in an almost inaccessible position under the cover and it must be removed before the screw that blocks the cover can be removed. The plastic cover must be bent considerable before the pin can even be reached and once some older cover loses its flexibility there is probably no ways around breaking it just to reach the pin. Reassembly is even more fun :-(
  • The lack of proper dust protection for the circuit board of the shredder is grossly negligent: When I opened the compartment there was a thick/moist layer of dust covering the complete circuit board. No surprise at all if those electronics malfunction.
  • The solder joints attaching the wheel shaft to the chassis were actually *all* broken (not rusted but just broken). I would not manage to create such a lousy quality solder joint even if I tried very hard.
  • The big capacitor needed by the motor is glued into some compartement of the shredder’s green plastic cover. If it ever breaks one is probably meant to replace the plastic cover with it.
  • The blade-turbine can only be accessed (e.g. for replacement or maintenance) when the motor-unit is first completely removed from the device. It seems that Bosch does not mean for this shredder to be serviced with ease!
  • Of the four screws holding the blade-turbine one had already broken off – with only the  stump still visible in the screw hole (see photo below). But when I removed the remaining three screws it became apparent that all but one were already missing some section of their tips. (The respective metal shards must be somewhere in the oil bath on the other side of the screw hole and are probably waiting for their chance to block the gearbox.)


The build quality of this badly designed, self-destructing piece of junk is a shame and Bosch did everything to ensure that broken stuff cannot be easily/cheaply repaired.