insurance gangsters – Erfahrungen mit Allianz

I made the mistake to sign an insurance contact for my house with Allianz some years ago.

Last year burglars broke into my garage and I finally got the opportunity to see how Allianz goes about settling an insurance claim:

More than 5 month later they still have not reimboursed the total amount that they owe me and the 5 month have been one long stretch of complete incompetence (or clownish attempts to cheat me – take your pick). They repeatedly “forgot” to include stolen items in their calculation. The “expert” they sent just lied to me. They tried to incorrectly apply limits which (according to their contract) are exclusively destined for stolen items also to damage to premises or buildings. When confronted with their mistakes they consistently first ignored respective complaints for weeks before giving in only after prolonged hassle. The “service” from their client representative has been the worst that I have ever experienced: Simple questions where not answered for months: First the priority apparently was to go on vacation –  but when reminded one month later instead of answering the question I just got a defiant reaction.

I am very happy that I terminated the renewal of my Allianz contract just in time. But unfortunately whoever thinks that this might have been the end of the story is sorely mistaken: Eventhough I sent the notice of cancellation by registered mail and well within the designated deadline, eventhough I wrote them an additional email to specifically ask for confirmation that they had received my “notice of cancellation” (which I already knew they had received due to the post office’s confirmation), they acted as before – they just ignored me and instead just kept sending invoices for the cancelled contract.  Thinking that the problem might just be an isolated case of some incompetent agency, I turned to Allianz’s central “complaints” department – with no avail: Their attempts of intimidation have since just gotten more agressive.

I finally turned to an independent consumerism organization – where I got confirmation that my “notice of cancellation” had been perfect. It remains to be seen if Allianz will acknowledge that they are wrong once they get the letter from the consumerism organization..

Update October 2017: In their letter to Allianz the independent consumerism organization had confirmed that my cancellation of my Allianz assurance policy renewal had been perfectly conforming to the law and that Allianz had no base whatsoever for any claims against me (Allianz on the other hand still owed me part of my indemnity claim that Allianz refused to yet settle on the pretext that it was offset against their imaginary next year’s premium statement against me).
But Allianz did not give shit about what the consumerism organization said (they probably had known it all along that they were at fault) – instead they just stepped up their dirty game of bluff and intimidation: Every 6-8 weeks or so I now kept receiving new Allianz admonition letters. At first they tried to scare me by ever increasing demand amounts (i.e. “pay now or it will get even more expensive later”). Later they must have realized that this scam did not work and they had one of their bailiffs try the same bluff with “more officially looking” threatening letters. This dragged on for almost a year, but I just followed the advice of the consumerism organization and put those letters in the trash as soon as I got them. And then, almost a year later, it happend.. just as the consumerism organization had predicted: the threatening letters just stopped and I’ve never heard from the Allianz racketeers again (it’s been a year now). Those Allianz tramps sure went through an awful lot of trouble just to dodge the remainder of my indemnity claim – which they havn’t payed to this day.


Conclusion: Being robbed by a burglar isn’t much of a surprise.. but you should expect the same from your Allianz insurance! If ever you think about enrolling with these racketeers, take my advice “JUST DON’T” (you’ll have much more fun if you just flush your money down the toilet)!