Green Pan Bratpfanne ø 28cm

The below pan was sold by Migros (Switzerland) in 2015 using the label “latest/improved ceramic coating”.

Unfortunately the marketing claims are a gross deception and the non-stick properties of the pan degrade in a matter of 2-3 months: Eventhough there is no visible difference on the coating, whatever is fried in this pan now (even using plenty of oil) will invariably stick to the coating and turn into charcoal faster than anything I have ever witnessed with any other type of pan (simple steel pans work much better than this).


Remark: I am well aware of the care that has to be taken of any respectively coated pan (e.g. I am only using soft plastic/wooden tools, soft non-abrasive sponges, etc) so I am definitely not abusing the coating. By comparison the non-stick properties of a PFOA free Teflon based pan which I had bought half a year earlier are still in pretty good shape.

This pan is a complete letdown and it is a shame that it is sold as “non-stick coated”..