Einhell BG-RT 1340 M

After 4 or 5 sessions this rotary hoe stopped turning…


when inspecting the internals the problem was quickly located: the steel worm wheel had chewed through the brass gear that is meant to transfer the rotation of the motor to the spinning blades..

Obviously the brass gear is not adapted to the forces at work – which should not come as a surprise to whoever engineered that thing.

According to Einhell’s web shop in France the replacement brass gear (“Worm and wheel” ref#343103001010) sells for the steep price of 47.99 € (which is about half the price of the new “Einhell BG-RT 1340 M”). A fine example of an overpriced (extremely quickly) wearing part.

This “tool” is junk and the spare part rip-off pricing that goes with it sucks.

Einhell RT-CD 10,8 Li

Rechargable LiPo batteries do not take kindly to not being used for an extended period of time. Supposing that you did not use a respective power tool for some months, chances are that your LiPo batteries will be dead by the time you next want to use the tool (not that this is advertised by the various power tool manufacturers).

The rechargable battery pack of this Einhell screw driller uses three LiPo batteries (type: 18650/high-rate discharge; which normally cost about 4$ apiece – incl. shipping). After an idle half a year in the garage the respective battery pack is probably discharged and dead – and whatever add-on electronics Einhell may have added to the battery pack do not help in any way to prevent this.. however Einhell’s proprietary battery casing will prevent you from easily replacing the dead batteries (unless you have some slodering skills). Instead you are meant to buy the proprietary Einhell replacement battery pack.



Until recently the new drill (including a box and one battery pack) sold for around 100 Euro. The replacement battery pack was to be had for a hefty 50 Euro! Meanwhile (Feb 2015) the prices have dropped and the new drill costs between 50-75 Euro – and the replacement battery goes for 35 Euro…

There is a striking similarity to the rip-off games played by some printer manufacturers with the pricing of their replacement ink cartridges :-(