Unfortunately some products have hidden flaws. Maybe the manufacturer uses some kind of “planned obsolescence” scheme or maybe it is just plain incompetence.. maybe the product cannot be repaired or it is riddiculously expensive to do so.. in any case, given a chance you’d not want to buy this product again.. ever.

Other sites (e.g. Amazon) are collecting product pros and cons. But apparently the problem of “payed fake reviews” is not entirely insignificant, i.e. there may be a bias towards overly positive reviews. (From my experience it is a good idea to always check the worst reviews against the 5-star fanboy reviews.)

This blog is focusing on product problems only. The idea is not so much to give advice regarding a specific product but to get an idea what you might want to be careful about when dealing with a specific company. In the future you might want to scrutinise the products of a manufacturer more closely to check if something that was criticised here was merely a one-time problem or if there might be more to it. Therefore the goal of the articles published here is to always give comprehensible explanations so that a reader can make up his own mind regarding the criticisms that are brought forward.

This is a very small blog that expresses nothing but personal opinions based on personal experience. The small number of articles obviously is not suitable to sketch a statistically relevant picture, so for every negative review found here there might be a million happy customers of the same reviewed product/company elsewhere. If some company appears in this blog then that DOESN’T necessarily make it a bad company. Read the respective articles and make up your own mind! If you are looking for a balanced picture you are strongly encouraged to also look for reviews that can the found elsewhere on the Web!

Fortunately it is not every day that you get a rotten apple. But the mistakes that others already made may help you to avoid the same pitfalls.


I am usually writing respective articles in english to make the information more easily accessible to an international audience. However there are some articles written in german – due to their use in some german speaking context. I just do not have the time to maintain translations and I suggest you use Googles translation tool if necessary.


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