Unfortunately some products have hidden flaws. Maybe the manufacturer uses some kind of “planned obsolescence” scheme or maybe it is just plain incompetence.. maybe the product cannot be repaired or it is riddiculously expensive to do so.. in any case given a chance, you’d not want to buy this product again.. ever.

In the future you’d probably scrutinise the products of this manufacturer more closely to check if this was merely a one-time problem or if you’d rather want to keep your hands off this particular company completely.

Fortunately it is not every day that you get a rotten apple. But also the mistakes that others already made may help you to avoid the same pitfalls.

Other sites (e.g. Amazon) are collecting product pros and cons. But this blog is meant to collect information about product problems only. The idea is not so much to get advice regarding a specific product but to get an overview if there are certain companies that are consistenly producing rotten apples thus ripping off their customers with foul business practices..

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