The following open source tools were used to create this site:

  • http server
  • programming language
  • database
  • CMS system
    • "Stormlab" template
    • "Guestbook" extension
    • "ARIImageSlider" extension
    • "Fox Contact Form" extension
    • "Booking (free version)" extension
    • "PHPDirect" extension
    • "AddCSS" extension
    • "lknlightbox" extension

Supported web browsers

This site has been successfully tested using various web browsers, e.g.: Firefox (version 10.0.1) , Google Chrome (version 19.0.1084.56 m), InternetExplorer (version 8.0.6001.18702 - with limitations regarding HTML5 & Flash).

Our web site may not work correctly on older browsers (e.g. IE 6). We appologize for potential inconveniences but unfortunately we do not have the resources to ensure web browser compatibility on a larger scale.

Tribute to nostalgia

For all the computer geeks out there.. you are listening to Mekanix composed by Stellan Andersson & Joel Ricci for the C64 demo of the same name (see player controls to the right). It is the original C64 music file emulated using Tiny'R'Sid and meant as a tribute to all those who are still doing amazing things with that computer from our childhood days... :-)

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