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Collection of different plants which we find in our area...
Albizia julibrissin
Alias names: Seidenbaun, Mimosa de Constantinople
This beautiful tree folds its leaves every evening to go to sleep..
it almost fell victim to the cold winter... what a come back!
Cynara cardunculus
Alias names: Cardy, Gemüseartischocke, cardoon, cardon
a cousin of the artichoke here it is the leaves which are for eating..
Eriobotrya japonica
Alias names: Néflier du Japon, Japanische Wollmispel
excellent fruit for vegan ice cream..
Alias names: Maulbeerbaum, Mulberry, Mûrier
the delicious fruits are best eaten fresh from the tree, e.g. while watering the garden :-)
Nerium oleander
red or white or anything in between...
Alias names: Feigenkaktus, paddle cactus
one of the plants which tolerates the sunny weather without any irrigation...
Punica granatum
Alias names: Granatapfel, grenadier
previously we knew this tree only from the exotic fruit section of the supermarket.. now it grows in our garden :-)

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