What's this?

ChiptuneBlaster is a WebAudio based player for synthesized electronic music produced by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines.

The player uses a plugin-design that allows it to be extend with various "backend" engines. This page combines the capabilities of 10 different "backends" (AdPlug, ASAP, HighlyExperimental, sc68, TinyRSid, UADE, vgmPlay, XMP, ZXTune, limGme) which means that it will recognize and play about 400 different music file formats (see format overview here).

Drag&Drop your song files directly on the jukebox to play them. (The initial "backend" selection here is based on the filename extension and you have to make sure that your music file has a recognized filename.)

Please use the below controls to navigate between the songs.