WebAudio playersbut which one to use?

With hundreds of different music file formats to choose from it is not always obvious which player might be able to cope with a specific file. Therefore this page gives an overview of the currently supported formats and shows what might be the best player candidate - see "player" column (sometimes there is actually more than one player capable of getting the job done).

Use the "search" field to filter down the result list (The "search" functionality actually does a full text search of the data in all the columns, i.e. for the "search" it doesn't matter how exactly an entered keyword is associated with a "player" - you'll see that in the result.):

Most often the filename extension (aka "postfix") is the most important clue: Chances of directly identifying the right player via this information aren't too bad. Sometimes respective filenames also use a "prefix" to convey useful information - just give it a try.

Finally it greatly helps to know what system (Amiga, PC, Console, etc) a music file was designed for.

PPS: I meanwhile also did a separate PlayMOD site which uses the respective info to provides online browsing and playback funtionality for 98% of the modland.com and vgmrips collections.

format type subtype prefix postfix player
format type subtype prefix postfix player

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