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Ajax at its best.. this poor man's version of the unmatched Chron-O-John gives you a front seat for your time travel to the days of Amiga music. Based on UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator). You can bring your own Amiga music files by dragging them onto the device (only single file songs supported).

2014 by Juergen Wothke (The source code can be found here.)

This page does not use any plugins but is based exclusively on the WebAudio API. You'll need a modern browser with WebAudio support to make it play the music (The page has been successfully tested using Firefox, Chrome and Edge).

Contrarry to most other HTML5 based pages out there, the music here is NOT based on OscillatorNode based waveforms or the playback of some mp3 file. Instead the samples here are completely calculated within JavaScript by running the uade emulator logic (respective music files are therefore much smaller than say mp3 - ranging from single digit to several hundred kilobytes).

Credits: Many people have contributed to 'UADE' and I cannot name them all here. I had to tinker a bit with their code to get an architecture suitable for the web but once again emscripten then did the heavy lifting compiling the C code into JavaScript.

Please use the below controls to navigate between the songs that you have dropped on the player: