What's this?

WebSid is an emulator that allows to play original C64 music files (binaries) directly within the browser. It emulates not only the "legendary" SID chip (MOS 6581 and MOS 8580 versions) but also the C64's CPU, CIA timers, VIC II, etc - which allows it to properly reproduce the timing critical effects that many C64 tunes depend on.

The emulation also supports "realtime voice output visualization" inspired by SidWiz.

This same emulator is also used by my PlayMOD and Tiny'R'Sid pages as well as by JCH's DeepSID. The source code can be found on bitbucket.org and news may be found in the respective group on Facebook: Tiny'R'Sid / WebSid.

2011-2019 by Juergen Wothke

Original C64 program files can be found in the HVSC. You can bring your own music files (plays *.sid, *.psid, *.rsid and Compute! *.mus files) by using 'drag & drop' onto this page.

Please use the below controls to navigate between the songs that you have dropped on the player:

Here a realtime view of some internals of the respective emulator:

voice 1
voice 2
voice 3