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WebAudio based playback of C64/SID chip music

Copyright (C) 2011-2023 by Juergen Wothke (The source code can be found here.)

webSID is an emulator that allows to play original C64 music files (binaries) directly within the browser. It emulates not only the "legendary" SID chip (MOS 6581 and MOS 8580 versions) but also the C64's CPU, CIA timers, VIC II, etc - which allows it to properly reproduce the timing critical effects that many C64 tunes depend on. The emulation also supports "realtime voice output visualization".

Most of the "Gen X" that had a C64 in their childhood will remember the songs used in the 2nd half of the playlist. But there is actually a scene of "SID afficionados" that still compose C64/SID songs to this day and I have put some examples at the start of the playlist.

This same emulator is also used by my PlayMOD and Tiny'R'Sid pages as well as by JCH's DeepSID. News may be found in the respective group on Facebook: Tiny'R'Sid / WebSid.

This is one of about 30 music players that I have ported to the Web over the years. To hear them all in action visit my PlayMOD page.

Credits: This project had initially started based on the TinySid PSID emulator by T. Hinrichs, R. Sinsch (though there is little of that code left by now). The "combined waveform" generation, "waveform anti-aliasing" and "filter" implementation was created by Hermit (see http://hermit.sidrip.com). I could not have done this without the reverse engineering information published by Christian Bauer, Wolfgang Lorenz, resid team, etc. The playback of Compute! .mus files is based on "Enhanced Sidplayer" by Craig Chamberlain. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, Copyright (C) 1990, RSA Data Security.