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WebV2M: The riddle has been solved.. this is a JavaScript/HTML5 version of V2 by farbrausch. The player includes the legacy of classic SID-type waveform and envelope generation and then some more: oscillators with sync - Tri, Pulse, Sine, Noise, FM, Ring Modulation; filters - LP/HP/BP/Notch - single, serial or parallel routing; envelope generators; LFOs; Distortion, Chorus/Flanger, Compressor; 16 part multi-timbral; Up to 16 note polyphonic; Global: Reverb, Stereo Delay, LP/HP filters and Compressor; Extensive modulation routing; Incomprehensible but "uber-sexy" singing Speech Synth; 100 presets.

You can play .v2m files by dropping them onto the below 3D text. Respective music files can be found for example on modland.com.

2018 by Juergen Wothke (The source code can be found here.)

This page does not use any plugins but is based exclusively on the WebAudio API. The audio samples here are completely calculated within JavaScript by running the V2 player logic.

Please use the below controls to navigate between the songs that you have dropped on the player: