What's this?

This is another Web port of Peter Sovietov's ayumi: Ayumi is an emulation of AY-3-8910 and YM2149 sound chips.

Actually I had already ported another player for these sound chips (see spectreZX) but that player isn't exactly slim and it doesnt't support the .fym format either. I am aware that there is already a manually rewritten JavaScript port of ayumi, but unfortunately that port seems to be incomplete with regard to the supported formats. I therefore decided to give ayumi a go..

My version integrates with my generic player infrastucture (same as all my other ports). Eventhough the Emscripten generated code used here may be somewhat larger than handwritten JavaScript, the difference should be neglegible especially when compiling to WASM. Also it should be easier to update to newer versions of Peter Sovietov's code in the future since the respective emulator code did not need to be touched. As compared to Peter Sovietov's original code the Python scripts where translated to JavaScript and support for LHA & zlib compressed formats was added.

2018 by Juergen Wothke (The source code can be found here.)

You'll need a JavaScript/WebAudio enabled browser to make it play the music.

You can bring your own music files by drag&dropping them onto the below sound chip. (Plays *.fym, *.text, *.psg, *.afx and *.ym music files.)

Please use the below controls to navigate between the songs that you have dropped on the player:

Here a realtime view of some internals of the respective emulator:

voice 1
voice 2
voice 3