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This special feature is dedicated to THCM's MOD converter. I had last heard some of the below songs on the Amiga (a long time ago) .. and I was quite surprised when I encountered them in a C64 demo.

Music from the C64 demo "Vicious SID 2":

The respective converter allows to automatically create a C64 program file from some input Mod file. The generated C64 program then uses one of the available digi-playback approaches for playback. The C64's small RAM size obviously limits the quality and the amount of sample data that can be used.

Visit the Mod player section to hear some of the songs in their original version.


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  • Guest (daXX)


    Hello... Is there a download for that little player ? :)
    I would love to use it on my website.

  • The latest version of the WebAudio based player can be found here: *****:// . The outdated Adobe Flash version is no longer maintained but can still be found using the "DOWNLOADS" section in the header of this page.

  • Guest (fronten)


    It would be nice if you would replace the outdated flashplayer with the html5-variant.
    Other than that, great site, nice UI!

  • I just updated the web page.. per default the HTML5 based player is now used everywhere and Flash is only used as a fallback if WebAudio is not available.

  • Guest (admin99)


    Very Nice site Really amazing site I will visit again this lovely site Thanks

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