This page collects some links to "3rd party" productions that are also based on the Tiny'R'Sid (aka webSID) emulator:

  • DeepSID is a popular online player/tool that uses WebSid's emulation and output visualization. The benefit of DeepSID is that it is regularly maintained (unlike my UI here) and updated to the most recent HVSC version.
  • PlayMOD is a more general purpose chiptune player that supports a wide range of music formats.
  • Based on the original Flash version there is a bunch of intro-remakes on, e.g. this one Karateka+++ intro. (Though it might become more and more difficult to find a browser that still supports Flash.)
  • There are then various HTML5 demos based on the CODEF library, e.g. here (see "COMMODORE 64 REMAKES").
  • Finally I have done some WEBGL experiments where I am using the player myself - the result of which can be seen on youtube by clicking on the below images:

More information about my non-C64 related hobby stuff can be found here.

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  • Thanks for the link to my site - very kind of you Sir! :-)

  • Guest (nadinet forrest)


    I lik eit

  • Guest (flamingo123)


    Great work as always! you bring distinctive efforts and innovation all the way from old era to new one! Flash version is so cool!!

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