It is due to THCM and his amazing Mod converter that this little Flash based Mod player came to life. I just wanted to play the original Mod files and I remembered Rainer Sinsch's earlier suggestion to Flash-ify his Rockbox implementation.

Actually there are already many Flash based Mod players around but I wanted to tinker a bit myself and I was also curious to see how the size of a Mod player generated using Alchemy compares to one manually written in AS3 (e.g. 8BitBoy). Conclusion: It seems the code generated by Alchemy is at least 3x the size of something comparable written manually.. (So if somebody wants to rewrite my Tiny'R'Sid player in AS3 he might reduce the size of the executable to 30kb ;-)

Obviously this player has little to do with Tiny'R'Sid - but for now I'll keep it here (because I'm just to lazy to setup something new, also there is not much substance to warrant a site of its own.)

PS: The WebAudio based players that I meanwhile created (e.g. http://www.wothke.ch/webxmp/) are far superior to the simple player still used here. But til I find the time for some cleanup work I'll keep it here - if only to preserve the below "modarchive.org search" based functionality.

PPS: I meanwhile also did a separate PlayMOD site which provides online browsing and playback funtionality for 95% of the modland.com and vgmrips collections.


I've been using Rainer Sinsch's C-based Mod player (from the Rockbox) as a base. I just contributed one little bugfix - because the original Rockbox version suffers from the same problem as 8BitBoy :-)

Thanks to Greg Tuby for letting me use the http://modarchive.org/. All the songs which you find here are directly streamed from that cool Mod collection.

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