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It is due to THCM's Mod converter that I had originally put a little Flash based Mod file player here: This page was designed to directly play Mod files from the collection and allows to easily compare them to their respective converted C64 counterparts.

However I have meanwhile also done a separate PlayMOD site which not only handles Mod files but which provides online browsing and playback funtionality for 98% of what is in the and vgmrips collections, i.e. it allows to compare "all" the work that some musician might have done on a wide range of platforms.

So except for the access, this page here is now rather redundant. (For now I am keeping it and I just replaced the original Flash based player with my WebAudio port of XMP - see But in case you havn't done so already I'd recommend that you check out my PlayMOD site.)


My WebAudio port of XMP is based on version 4.4.1 with added support for HVL files (see sources for details). Thanks to Greg Tuby for letting me use the All the songs which you find here are directly streamed from that cool Mod collection.

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