You have reached the homepage of "Tiny'R'Sid" aka "WebSid". This Commodore C64 music emulator was started in 2011 and allows to play almost any orginal C64 music file (MUS, PSID & RSID). I hope you'll have fun using it!


This site contains quite a bit of SID related functionality, e.g. browsing of HVSC, playlist management, etc. You are invited to just browse it or to take it as an example for how to integrate the player into your own Flash or HTML projects. There is also a WordPress plugin. As a side-track this site also contains a section with WebAudio chiptune players (WebAudio ports of existing 3rd party players) which I called Chiptunes Forever.


This emulator originally started from the codebase of "TinySid" by T.Hinrichs and R.Sinsch. Eventhough very little of that code remains (other than maybe the PSID digi handling) the provenance still reflects in the name of this project. Subsequent enhancements rely on CPU, SID (etc) related documentations created by various C64 enthusiasts (check source code for references). Hermit deserves to find special mention here for his "combined waveform", "waveform anti-aliasing" and "filter" implementation - which I merged into the current version of this player. Many thanks also go to Wilfred Bos and to Markus Klein for their patient feedback. As for the 3rd party emulators in the Chiptunes Forever section, detailed credits as well as more technical information are best looked up in the respective github projects.

enough talk.. lets hear more of it

Go to top 100 or explore the complete HVSC. PS: The song that you are currently listening to is labeled somewhat incompletely: It is originally from the Amiga demo "Boulder" by Knackosoft/TRISTAR.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: This page is non-commercial and purely setup for the enjoyment of fellow chiptune hobbyists.

Most of the tunes used here as examples - to demonstrate the capabilities of respective players - are copyrighted. Such copyright may be owned by the original authors/software companies or a third-party publisher or other organisation.

The players usually display the copyright information directly available in the music file (eventhough there is no guarantee that the information is always correct). If you are a respective owner and for some reason do not like your song being used here, then let me know and I'll remove it.

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  • Unfortunately no. Eventhough my respective JavaScript/HTML5 player library actually provides the necessary functionality, I did not create a full fledged GUI for it yet. The existing page is really just a proof of concept (and as long as the HTML5 WebAudio feature is still experimantal I don't want to spend too much time re-implementing GUI functionality that exists in my Flash version).

  • Hi! Lurve the site, would like to donate, but don't trust "Donate" buttons, and the crazy games you're playing on the contact page have left me unable to decipher your email address! What email shall I use for PayPal?

  • Hi Neil, I'm glad you like my work and thanks for your support. The above "donate" button actually takes you to the standard Paypal page. The authenticity of the respective ***** page can be easily verified. (Unfortunately the email that you supplied does not seem to work and therefore I was not able to reach you..)

  • Guest (gaiga)


    How do you loop a tune in Chron-O-Loo ? is there an option for it

  • My generic WebAudio player allows to pass in a function that is called when a song reaches its end. If you want to play the same song again, then that's what you'd put into that function. See doOnTrackEnd() on my Chron-O-Loo page..

  • Guest (gaiga)

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    Thanks but most tunes repeat (loop) at different points other than the START point so doing ontrackend will just replay a tune from the start. I noticed deliplayer has a REPEAT option but uade does not?

  • Guest (Gaiga)

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    Never mind it seems it was a problem with the TFMX replayer bin. It had extra code when the replayer detected an "end of tune repeat @ offset.xxx.." (cmp.w #$effe,d0...) I NOP'ed out the extra BSR that isn't in the original code and now it works.

  • Update: The player is now using Hermit's filter, "anti aliasing" and "combined waveform" implementation.

  • Great program!! Brings back nice memories! :)

  • Wow! Just discovered your site through the HVSC! Very easy to use and the top 100 is just a must for the uninitiated and the versed in the commodore 64 world alike. Thanks!