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Papilio machaon
Alias names: Schwalbenschwanz, Old World swallowtail, Grand porte-queue
end of june and the lavendar is teeming with butterflies..
Alias names: Pipistrellus, chauves-souris, Zwergfledermaus
This little 3 gram bat successfully swam for its life in our swimming pool and finally got rescued by our dog.. miracoulously it was unscratched but the hours in the cold water had likely caused a severe hypothermia.. happily it quicky recovered after some hours on a hot-water bottle..
Punica granatum
Alias names: Granatapfel, grenadier
previously we knew this tree only from the exotic fruit section of the supermarket.. now it grows in our garden :-)
Pyronia bathseba
Alias names: Spanish Gatekeeper, Ocellé rubané, Spanisches Ochsenauge
seen in May..

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