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Empusa pennata
Alias names: Haubenfangschrecke, diablotins de Provence, Empuse commune
hello cutie...
Alias names: Langfühlerschrecke
hmmm... whatever this may be exactly.. the lawn is full of them..
Ephippiger provincialis
Alias names: Provence-Sattelschrecke
"Sometimes mass reproductions happen by this species".. when you travel with Iris you may call it a "road block".. ;-) We encountered this road block (and hundreds of its siblings) near Cap Taillat in June 2013.
Eriobotrya japonica
Alias names: Néflier du Japon, Japanische Wollmispel
excellent fruit for vegan ice cream..
Euscorpius italicus
Alias names: Skorpion
the loose bark of some rotting tree is a good place to find these little buggers..

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