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Barbitistes yersini
Alias names: Graugrüne Säbelschrecke
According to Wikipedia this little fella belongs to the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.. so either it picked the wrong country or I mixed up the correct species. In any case it was rather big (>3cm body) and beautifully colored and we found it on a street in Ramatuelle in the midst of June 2013.
Boloria selene
Alias names: Braunfleckiger Perlmutterfalter, Petit collier argenté, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
it was quite hard to take a photo of this fidgety little fellow...
it almost fell victim to the cold winter... what a come back!
Buteo buteo
Alias names: Common buzzard, buse
This little fellow landed in our water reservoir just to find that the walls are steep and the runway much to short for liftoff.. he seemed somewhat relieved when we we hauled him out.. and we now hope that one day some humanoid hunter (a pest infestation common in these parts) will make the same mistake :-)

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