Since we are located right on the edge of a large wooded area (a small part of which belongs to the property) you can take a stoll in the pine forest right from the doorstep. If you prefer to stay in the open you may of course chose the footpaths through the vineyards.

For those that enjoy to do longer walks, there are many possibilities: The range of rolling hills behind our house keeps climbing for about 500m. On top of the hill you'll find magnificent views and the iron age "Camp d'Aurélien Oppidum". The hiking trail Grande Randonnee 51 - De Grimaud à Belgentier (Var) also passes right through this area.

If you follow the GR51 and hike the Barre de Cuers it will lead you to the neighbouring village of Belgentier.

Other attractive routes are only a short drive away, e.g. Grande Randonnee 90 - Du Lavandou à Notre Dame des Anges (Var). Or you could make a day trip and explore one of the lovely Îles d'Hyères on foot.

For information about other marked trails nearby you may want to have a look at these pages of the respective tourist office of Cuers and that of the neighbouring village of Pierrefeu. Of course there are then also TOPO-guides for sale that will show more trails that exist in the department.

The page "Toutes les balades" also gives a nice overview of interesting excursions (it even rates the difficulty level and the time needed for the respective trips). Additional inspiration could be found here.

Sporting activities


In the above sections we show those activities that we indulge in ourselves. But of course there are plenty of other things to do: You can explore the coastline kayaking. There are places to do rock climbing and you'll also find a golf course nearby. At the coast there are opportunities for sailing, snorkling, scuba diving, etc. You can even learn to fly a plane at the local airstip.