Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or just a casual city biker, you'll find the tracks or roads that suit you practically next to our house: The paved road shown on the left runs right next to our property. If you are looking for more challenging terrain you can then just turn into one of the earth roads or small trails (I can lend you my Garmin 60CSX so you won't get lost :-)

Depending on your stamina and biking skills you can reach really nice lookout points in 30mins.. and if you walk the steepest sections you might even see some fossils on the trail.. up on the summit you'll be rewarded with spectacular views on the plain and on the blue sea in the distance (see photos in header).

Of course you can also take it easy and stay in the lowlands. There are many charming country roads to explore and it is a good way to visit neighbouring villages like Pierrefeu, Puget-Ville, Sollies-Pont, etc.

For longer distances there is a bicycle path "Le parcours cyclable du littoral" along the coast that will once run the 120km from Six-Fours all the way to Saint-Raphaël. This may also be interesting if you are looking for a place to use your inline skates. The Conseil Général du VAR also compiled a list of 22 bicycal and hiking routes in this document here.

Hint: The island of Porquerolles makes for a lovely day trip: There are no cars on this island and if you don't bring your own bike you can easily rent one on the island. Cycling through the pine forests from one beach to the next is really a nice experience. (Warning: During the high season car drivers often need to wait for hours before they can even board the ferry: There is just too little parking at the port of "La Tour Fondue"..)

Sporting activities


In the above sections we show those activities that we indulge in ourselves. But of course there are plenty of other things to do: You can explore the coastline kayaking. There are places to do rock climbing and you'll also find a golf course nearby. At the coast there are opportunities for sailing, snorkling, scuba diving, etc. You can even learn to fly a plane at the local airstip.