https://www.wothke.ch/269life/ I always wanted to do something with “pseudo kleinian” fractals. So I decided to mix business with pleasure with the above homage to the activists of “269 Life” (see: …

lost in mandelbox

https://www.wothke.ch/modum/ (alternate soundtrack) “When the Millenium Falcrum™ gets into trouble on a hostile  mandelbox planet an expert pilot is needed to find the way home.” (see: youtube) The screen had started …

more orbit traps

My interest in fractal graphics and WEBGL fragment shaders should be clear by now. I created the below screens while testing some bug fixes (or should I say original hardware …

VU meters

https://www.wothke.ch/sc68meter/ This add-on to the WebAudio based AtariST music emulator (see earlier “Jack-in-the-box” post) provides realtime visualization of the volume of the three emulated Yamaha soundchip voices. https://www.wothke.ch/psychedelic/ But where …

chiptune blaster

https://www.wothke.ch/blaster/ Assembly testing my generic WebAudio player: On this page the player is configured with all my emulator backends. In this configuration the player recognizes about 400 different chiptune formats.

chiptune galore

Over the years I ported a number of existing 3rd party chiptune emulators to JavaScript/WebAudio. The original programs were typically written in C or C++ and designed as regular PC …


https://www.wothke.ch/ablaze/#/dexterbritain/light-of-life-interlude-1 Once again some WEBGL: This time the “fractal flame” shader logic is derived from Orion Sky Lawlor’s “GPU Flame” rendering algorithm. The resulting graphix are used as realtime effects for …


https://www.wothke.ch/webaudio68/ Another WebAudio based emulator for legacy chiptune music: This time emulating the AtariST – kindly sponsored by PhotonStorm.

Turtles all the way..

https://www.wothke.ch/webgl_orbittrap/ Yet some more fooling around with WEBGL fragment shaders. This time I threw in some HTML5 canvas stuff for good measure (see: youtube).  


https://www.wothke.ch/blacklist Plain WordPress – no programming this time.. just a personal warning about companies that you’d better stay away from.